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Standard and Custom Bakable Moulds

Bake-Well® / Bake & Take® trays are baking trays, transport packaging and POS packaging in one tray. The trays offer a great variety in shapes and sizes and offer great savings as regards to cleaning and re-packing.

The Bake-Well® / Bake & Take® trays are made out of lightweight corrugated and are approved according to FDA and BfR. They can be used in conventional as well as microwave ovens, up to maximum 220°C. For sticky products we offer special liners.

For maximum attraction at your point of sale Bake-Well® / Bake & Take® trays are available in a great variety of shapes and sizes and can be printed up to 5 colours.

Snack-Well® Hamburgers, Pizza, French Fries and Sandwiches are well protected and presented with our Snack-Well® packaging. Whatever delicacy you want to pack our concepts give you flexibility in shapes and sizes.

Due to the insulating property of our corrugated packaging, hot dishes remain warm over a longer period. For Microwave usage we offer special liners that keep you product crispy. All our applications can be printed up to 5 colours for maximum exposure.

Well-Classic Liners – lightweight corrugated is the optimal solution to pack biscuits and chocolates. The liners can be delivered in a great variety of greaseproof liners dedicated to your application.

Well-Classic lightweight corrugated is supplied either single faced or double faced in a wide range of flute types. We offer tailor made solutions in reels, sheets, die-cuts, sleeves and trays.

Packaging solutions for fruit and vegetables – Our lightweight corrugated for direct food contact is an ideal packaging for fruit and vegetables. The lightweight material offer an ideal protection for fragile products like fruits and enables a clean and professional presentation. The special S-flute for these liners gives a better stability of the trays without any concession to the protection of the fruit. This is one of the many applications PilloPak produces for the fruit and vegetable market.